Things In Necessity


When I first saw this picture, I thought it was absolutely the best thing anyone could do.  It was extremely simple and required little effort, yet it somehow had a profound effect on me. It made me realize that these are the things that people need to be truly happy.  They don’t need materialistic items, they may want it but they don’t need it.  I researched it a little more and found that it was part of the Take What You Need Project.  (more information can be found here).  I read up more about it and it made me realize how a little slip of paper could make someone days.  However, even though these slips of paper do make your day, they are easily lost and they don’t mean much.  They’re just pieces of paper that says what you need.  They don’t actually give you what you need.  You need to find it yourself.  But what if you can’t find it? What if you don’t know how to start? What if you don’t have access to these papers when you need it? Well, this is what this blog is for.  This blog will be posts that will give you the things you need.  Some of them will give you hope, laughter, inspiration, etc.  I’m still working on the theme and layout of this blog but hopefully when it’s all finished you will be able to just click on what you need and it will lead you to a wide array of posts relating to the thing you require.   Hopefully this will all work out and the theme will be portrayed throughout the entirety of this blog.

As my blog goes on, there will be more and more things added.  This is when people will start asking: Why are there so many things needed for me to be content with my life?  Well here’s my answer.  You should never be just content with your life.  Being content means that you stop improving or changing your life for the better.  You should always strive to do better and find even more things that you “need”.  To be honest, I don’t think anyone can get all the things they “need”.  Even if you find all the things on my blog there are so much more things that you need.  I think it’s impossible to be perfectly happy.  It is possible to be content but not to be happy.  To me, being content means that everything is fine and you feel like you don’t need more.  There is more that you can have but you don’t strive for it.  Being  happy means that you have EVERYTHING which is impossible.  I don’t think you need to be happy in life , you just always strive to be happy.  It someways happiness is like an asymptote.  Something you get closer to but never really reach.  This may sound depressing but it really isn’t.  The fact that you’re fighting for you happiness is what makes life worth living.


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