Your Support System


Everyone needs a support system whether it be one person or an entire group.  I feel that it is impossible to survive life completely on your own.  If life were an actual game than you would have to team up to win.  There is no way to combat life without at least one person.  Even the most independent, arrogant, and strong people need their support system.  Take the legendary king Oedipus for example.  Even though he seemed very independent and did whatever he wanted, he still needed his daughter Antigone to support his journey on the road of life.  To most people, she was the last person they would choose.  I mean she was some poor little girl right? Who are they kidding? She was the only one there for Oedipus and was loyal enough to give up her life to take care of him.  She is the perfect example of a support system even if she wouldn’t be someone’s first choice.


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