Blind Spot Detectors


*This is the one blog post that where I will be using other peoples thoughts on this instead of mine.  This may seem odd, but i feel like there are already so many sources that can explain how I feel about this topic even better than  I can. *

There is a term referred to as anosognosia.  What is the definition you might ask? Well the medical definition is: anosognosia /ano·sog·no·sia/ (an-o″so-no´zhah) unawareness or denial of a neurological deficit.  Basically, you don’t know your blind spots in your life.  To combat this, you need to have blind spot detectors.  These are people who point out  the things that you didn’t know you didn’t know.  This if further explained in this blog post.  (click here)


If you are confused about unknown unknowns click here and watch the video! (or it might make you confused since the world unknown is used many times)


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