It was the most sensitive of times, it was the least sensitive of times

Tuesday, November 13th, 2013. Confessions of the current generation: our over sensitivity has grown exponentially while our insentitvity has done the same.  WHAT?!?! CONTRADICTION?!?! Most of the time, contradiction is good or there’s at least one good thing since they’re two complete opposites.  I mean the only opposites have to refer to good and bad/ light and dark right? Wrong.  Just like Charles Dicken’s tale of two cities. Once city had to much government which resulted in abuse of power and the other had to little government which led to complete chaos. Basically even though they are both opposites they are both horrible.  (It this case, the lesson to learn is that to much of something, even a good thing will result badly.)


Well back to the topic, of our over sensitivity and our insensitivity.  Let’s talk about our over sensitivity first. Over the past decade (and maybe before but I can’t really be sure since I wasn’t there to experience it) we have become very sensitive to certain subjects.  Old movies, books, media, and almost everything else has been censored and/or changed.  Especially those written long ago but are still being written now.  I never really noticed this but then I read an article criticizing one of my favorite moves, Sixteen Candles.  As many of you know, sixteen candeles is an 1984 american coming of age comedy film starring Molly Ringwald, Michael Schoeffling and Anthony Michael.  Basically, it’s one of those 80’s movies that make you wish that you lived back then and make you yearn for your perfect Jake Ryan and all the other cute things that happen.  (I will discuss more of my love for these movies in a later post.) Anyways, this article was bashing this movie saying how the movie was sexist and portrayed the wrong message.  It then began to talk about how this wasn’t a good movie for young girls to watch and went on and on and on about almost everything that we debate on today such as racism, sexism, heterosexism, and all of that.  Anyways, I think that this movie has had so much criticism because it’s the truth.  It didn’t censor certain things and it was the honest truth of the teenage life (except for the cute 80’s fantasy). It was a fun movie that many teens enjoy watching. The humor might be crude but honestly teenagers nowadays think and say much worse.  I’m sorry but that cutesy ideal that your teenage child is perfect and has no idea about all these bad things in the world is a complete lie. You’re lying to yourself and unless you stop seeing what you choose to see then your teen and you are going to suffer in the future.  (I suggest that you actually talk to your teen about these topics because they’re going to learn it anyways and you want them to learn it the right way)


Oh and another thing I would like to point out.  Many people are calling this film (and many Disney films) sexist and based on old stereotypes.  This is true.  There about the girl finding her perfect prince and living happily ever after and in most of these stories the girl sits there and looks pretty while the guy goes and rescues her. People consider this sexist portraying the women as weak and that they can’t do anything for themselves.  IT’S A MOVIE.  Yes, I do believe that a women should support herself, get her own life, make a living, and do things for herself. Yes, I belive that we are all equal.  Yes I believe that I don’t need to be married to be happy.  Yes, I think its complete crap that women make less than men in the workforce.  However, the child in me still has the dream of my prince charming once and while.  Realistically, I know this will never happen but guess what, movies are an escape from reality.  So please just let me watch my movies in peace.


As of us being insensitive do I even need to talk explain this? Just look at social media sights, our manners, and how we treat others we are not face to face with.


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