A Recalling to Life

This is basically your mood when you need a recalling

This is basically your mood when you need a recalling

Occasionally you need a recalling back to life.  You know what I mean. When you’re feeling down and you feel like you’re not really alive or everyday is just a repetition of dread. (Well maybe you don’t know how it feels like but I do) Anyways, this can come from a traumatic even or it can just be because you just lost your purpose in life.    You seem to not longer be able to feel happy. 


I’m not really sure of the number one way to fix the one that seems to be most successful is to have your “golden thread”. A person who pulls you back into life.  Recalling yourself back to life is just as difficult as finding your way out of the labyrinth.  However, if you have your golden thread then it makes it a lot easier.  Take Lucie Mannette, for example, who is  the perfect person to be a golden thread. Her father practically dead, well not dead but not living either.  He just sat locked up in a room making shoes since he had such a traumatic experience at prison. Lucie was able to take this broken young man to someone who eventually radiates with life.  So just remember that everyone so often you’ll need a recalling to life.  Make sure to develop relationships that can be your golden thread. 


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