Be The Good

Nowadays, media has taken over and has twisted the world in such a way that many believe that our world is completely horrid and there is no way to fix it.  Yes this can be true if you just look at the shootings, murders, and all the crimes that certain humans are capable of.  However, man times the good things that people do are gone unnoticed by the media.  Did you see on the news lately about how a women gave a homeless man an umbrella and twenty dollars? No, you heard about the murder of someone.  Did you hear about how a man tips 1000 on a 100 dollar bill? (well that was on the news but it wasn’t a big deal) 

Overall, media tends to focus on the bad things about our society and while they are there, we still need to remember that there is still good in this world. No matter how horrible the world becomes, there will always be some good around.  There is always at least one person who does the right thing.  I truly believe that people are born good.  They may  not be perfect but they are still good at heart.  Even in the face of mockery, people still choose to do good.  Take the example of the trial of Charles Darnay in A Tale of Two Cities. Even though they crowed wanted him to be guilty, the jurors decided to acquit him since he was clearly innocent. Even in the horrible times of the revolution there were still good people. 

Many people call me naive to believe that there is still good in this world but i can’t let the bad in the world keep me from living a good life.  As the video says, there are man eating sharks in every ocean but we still swim.  Nowadays, many people are to afraid to go on a plane every since the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  That was a horrible even and I admit that I’m nervous to go on a plane.  However, it shouldn’t completely stop us from traveling and seeing the world.  We need to take precautions but you can’t just stop going on planes. If we stop going on planes then those terrorists would have achieved their goal into producing terror in our lives and making us uncertain. 

Another topic i would like to touch on is that you can’t expect good the if you don’t give it  yourself. You have to be the good for the world to be good.  You may think that you’re just one person and that you wouldn’t make a difference.  However, just think if everyone thought that way then there would be no good.  So remember that if you can only get what you give.  As a human being you touch so many people’s lives even if you don’t notice it.  A gift, a smile, anything affects them and it makes them who they are. If you want to look into this more just watch It’s a Wonderful Life.

just look at all the people he’s touched

Overall just remember there is good in this world and remember this picture.. spread the good vibes



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