Symbolism in the Rain

I absolutely love the rain.It’s so fascinating and the sound of it makes me feel so nice and cozy inside.  ( a little too cozy since i fell asleep listening to it while i was supposed to be studying.)  I love how the rain allows me to finally bring out my scarves, sweaters, boots, windbreakers, and all those cozy things. My opinion may be biased howerver since i live in sunny southern California where the chance of rain is once in  a blue moon and when it rain it doesn’t really pour- so when it rains I’m grateful.


Even if it rains all the time where you live though, you can’t completely ignore the importance of rain in literature and media. Rain has acted as a symbol of numerous things ranging on a wide scale of good and bad ever since symbolism has ever been around.  You can find rain as a symbol in literary works from odyssey to A Tale of Two Cities and even The Harry Potter series.  Even in modern day media rain has been used as an important symbol. (Take The Notebook for example.) Image

What’s so fascinating about the symbol of rain is that it is so versatile.  Rain can stand for so many things that it is impossible to choose which one without the context of the story.  Let’s start with the most commonly used symbol of a storm.  It can be used to foreshadow something bad happening.  Author’s use it’s ominous feeling to foreshadow something unpleasant will soon occur.  An Example of this would be in A Tale of Two Cities.  It just happens to be that whenever some eventful scene takes place there is also a storm taking place at the same time.  Rain basically is  a reader’s indicator that trouble will be coming ahead. Image

Rain can also be a sign of being alone or left out. Just take the example of Lilo and Stitch.  It makes Stitch seem more alone and desperate.  If we just saw Stitch without the rain then we might think that he was just trying to look cute, however, since he’s in the rain we can really see how lonely and sad he is.


Rain can also be a symbol of having fun and being a little rebellious.  The norm is to be sullen and sad in the rain so why not break t hose norms and have fun by singing in the rain.


Rain also has a renewal and rebirth aspect to it.  As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” It can symbolize a good thing coming after a bad time or it can just mean the washing away of the old and regrowing something better.


And of course, there’s the romantic aspect of rain as shown in almost all of the teenage romatic movies including High School Musical and all of the Nicholas Sparks movie.  There are all these girl who dream of having their kiss in the rain (though I never found how it was appealing to be drenched and freezing while kissing someone) I guess it is the fact that someone would stand in the rain for them makes it romantic.


Rain is also a symbol for ongoing misery.  Every time a character is at his lowerst point and things can’t seem to get any worse, it always starts to rain.


Overall, Rain is necessary because of all the things that it’s symbolizing.  So next time you read about a storm, see raindrops falling in a movie, or hear the platter of it against a window, remember to think about what it really means.


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