True Love: The Real Meaning

*************SPOILERS I THINK************READ WITH CAUTION*********************

“Some people are worth melting for.” – Olaf

True love: the one thing every girl dreams about aka a handsome prince sweeping her of her feet.  And if anything defines this perception of true love it’s Disney. Movie after movie, Disney has introduced us the beautiful princess (or will be princess) and the dashing young man who saves her. (Sounds perfect) However, modern society has become tired of this true love cliché.  Though it will always be embedded into our hearts, this cliché is slowly going away.  Many people, especially the feminists of this day, are getting tired of this repeated story and are asking for something new.

Introducing Disney’s new Princess movie with two princesses! Let’s admit it, when we first saw the trailers for this movie we thought one, that it was a stupid movie about a snowman and a reindeer trying to eat his nose, or two, it was about two beautiful (of course) princesses that would find their true love in ninety minutes.

Right at the beginning, we wanted to roll our eyes when Anna started to sing “For the first time in forever” and talked about how she was so excited to meet “the one”.  Typical Disney.  Right after her beautiful song, she trips but is saved by a handsome young man who just happens to be the prince of a neighboring kingdom.  Later that day, they go on a fabulous date that I can only dream about going on and then he proposes and she says yes. WAIT WHAT?!?! They just met and they’re getting married?  Yes. As bluntly stated by the seven year old boy sitting next to me in the theaters, “YOU JUST MET HIM, STUPID.”

Anyways, the new couple goes to the queen to ask for the blessing of their marriage and her response is perfect.

Wow Disney.  After all those movies (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc) you finally admit that. However, Anna doesn’t agree as she feels that this is true love. As the movie progresses, we meet another male character and we get the feeling “ugh, is Disney trying to pull off love triangles? Please no.” (sidenote: I think love triangles are being overused (The hunger games, Twilight, every other movie/book popular with teens)

Conflict occurs and Anna is about to freeze to death.  The only way to solve this is an act of true love and of course that means a true love’s kiss. They then go on to find Ana’s perfect prince true love but plot twist. He doesn’t love her.  He just wanted to marry her to become king, and with Anna and Elsa gone, he basically succeeded. He leaves anna to freeze to death. What. You could either have one of two reactions. Either you could be like the seven year old (“I TOLD YOU SO YOU IDIOT”)  or you could be like my friend (LIAR! HOW COULD HE DO THAT TO HER)

Moral of the story: If it’s too good to be true then it’s probably not.

Is this true love?

Is this true love?

Anyways, Ana is freed by a snowman named Olaf who teaches her the real meaning of true love.  It’s no someone that is exactly like you.  It’s not that you finish each other’s sandwiches.  Those are friends.

The movie goes on, and we think that Anna’s true love is Kristoff since he has sacrificed so much for her. So Anna looks for Kristoff in the midst of a storm.  However, right when she is about to freeze to death she sees Kristoff in one direction and hans about to kill her sister.  Instead  of saving herself and running to Kristoff she runs to save elsa.

This was the true true love of the story.  Disney has perfectly described that true love does not have to be with you significant other but it can be with those around you.  It can be you family or friends or anyone as long as you are willing to put their needs before your own.  That, is the true definition of love.  When elsa asks ana why she saved her, Anna’s answer was simple” because I love you”.

Instead of ending the movie, with a kiss, this movie ends with two reunited sisters hugging.  Anna may have found kristoff, but it is never implied that he is her soul mate.  For all we know, she may have found out that he picks his nose and eats it and broken up with him.  Elsa doesn’t even find someone else in the movie but instead comes to terms with herself and her sister.

The "true love" of the movie

The “true love” of the movie

There have been arguments that the relationship between Anna and Elsa isn’t true love since that it is only one way.  And only Anna committed an act of true love. However, this is untrue.  Elsa spent her entire life in isolation to protect her sister.  IT may have hurt Anna but it was what Elsa thought was best to protect her. Elsa could have easily opened the doors and played with Anna like she wanted to but she cared to much for her.  She was scared to hurt her sister which is why she was so reserved.  She rather suffer in isolation than let others suffer because of her. Honestly, I think this is a great act of true love.  She basically chose solitary confinement and had to watch her sister feel betrayed by her.  She could have told Anna the truth but that would have been too dangerous.

Overall, Frozen redefines the stereotypical true love and makes us realize that true love .  Just like in A Tale of Two Cities, when Sydney Carton agrees to die in place of Charles Darnay because it would make his love Lucie, happy.  Or in Harry potter when Dobby sacrifices himself for Harry.  Throughout these great works, we have seen the portrayal of true love but only recently is it starting to take place in Disney Movies.


2 thoughts on “True Love: The Real Meaning

  1. if olaf had melted for anna, he would’ve saved her, that would have been an act of true love

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