Comic Relief: Olaf the Snowman

“Oh lookat that.. I’ve been impaled! *laughs*”- Olaf

(that was probably my favorite part of the entire movie…. I probably laughed more than eveyrone else in the movie theater)

I loved Olaf. He was a perfect comical relief making me laugh when I was about to cry.  To be honest, when I saw the trailers, I thought Olaf was just an annoying character that Disney created to make more money.  Sure he was cute but there was no way he could fit into a story like the Snow Queen. Right?

In any good story, there is some sort of comedy even if it’s a tragedy.  As in the movie Frozen, comedy made what would’ve been a dark movie to one that can be seen with a smile and with little kids.  Without comedy, Frozen would have been a dark movie about a girl with a curse torn away from her sister.  It would have been too dark to see with kids but not complex enough for just adults to see.  However, add the awkwardness of the main character, a comical snowman, funny little trolls, and a few jokes here and there, and tada it’s a family film that earns the Disney title.

In every story, there has to be some type of humor involved.  If there’s no humor then then it’s not really interesting.  What most people don’t realize about humor is that it is a literary device. Yes. Humor can be smart. In fact, you have to be smart to understand humor and even smarter to create it. Characters like Olaf the Snowman, are ignorant since they don’t try to be funny but think about his creators.  All the work picking and choosing his lines so that he would work perfectly as a comical character not an annoying one.  The fine line between annoying, mean, and humor can easily be broken but luckily for us the makers of Frozen have mastered that.

Here’s a gallery of the funniest scenes with Olaf.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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