How to love your blog: Five step plan


If you love your blog and my views are a joke to you, this post probably won’t be relevant. Picture1

When I first started blogging, I did it because it was a requirement of my English class. I only went on when I had to meet the requirements of one RE:Framed post a week.  I wanted more views on my blog, however, I wasn’t putting any effort into it. I didn’t like my theme, my posts, anything on my blog at all,and especially the amount of views I was getting.  Therefore, I never gave out my blog and was reluctant to when people asked.  As time went on, I slowly started to discover how fun blogging was and it became something that I loved doing rather than a chore or another homework assignment.  As my posts got better, my views went up.  As this occurred, I began to advertise my blog  because i was proud of it which created more views.  I realized that people can tell when you neglect your blog and it refrains them from coming back.  However, if you take good care of it and you love it like it’s your baby then people will come again.  Basically, the more you love your blog, the more others will love your blog.  Basically, the more you love your blog, the more views you get, and the more views you get, then the more you love your blog. But if that’s the case, where do you start? Well here’s my five step plan to blog nirvana (basically how to love your blog and in turn get more views)

Step one: It all started with a theme


In many ways, your blog started with a theme.  Right when you made your WordPress account, it asked you to pick a theme for your blog.  When I first started I went through eight themes in two and  a half months.  After a while, I basically gave up and I hated my theme and the look of my blog.  This made me give up on my blog in general since I felt that appearance was a huge factor. Finally, I found a theme that I loved. (click here) It was so simple and clean, and best of all, it was pretty.  As i started to play with the theme adding widgets and menus it got even better.  I started to love going on my blog to make it look even better.  As I started to go on my blog more for appearance, I also started to fix other aspects of it. Also, I realized that the better my theme the better my blog looked.  The better my blog looked the more people came.

Step two: People like what you like so blog about what you LOVE

People love movies (especially Frozen) and so do I :)

People love movies (especially Frozen) and so do I 🙂

I promise you, you’re not the only one that likes the things that you like.  Please.  You’re not that special.  Anyways, blog about what you love.  Don’t worry about if people will like it because someone will.  Also, when you blog about what you love, then there is a huge improvement quality wise.  If you have read any of my other blog posts, you can tell which blogs I didn’t enjoy writing and which ones I did.  The ones i enjoyed writing either have many pictures or many words. You can also tell by the amount of feeling and how well my grammar is.  For example, my favorite post almost 2,000 words long with tons of pictures while others had one pic and 200 poorly written words.  Also, the ones i’ve enjoyed writing have gotten much more views as opposed to the ones i didn’t. Even if your posts are short and without many pictures, if you like it then others will also.  Remember, you’re your biggest  critic… So if you like it so will others. 

**Just to note, this does not mean that you shouldn’t respond to your blog audience.  You should, but just make sure you still enjoy writing your posts instead of doing it for the views.  For example, my first Frozen post received positive feedback so I continued in the Frozen/Movies section.  ***

Step three: Keep it up!

You wouldn’t regularly visit a blog if they haven’t posted in two years!   If you post constantly on your Blog the more people will visit.  Every time i post something new, i get more followers and more views.  If you take a look at my stats, i had an influx in January.  This was when I started to regularly post and my followers responded well.  Even when I didn’t like my blog that much, many people asked me to post more.  I don’t mean that you have to necessarily post everyday, but you shouldn’t have to much a gap between posts.  Also, don’t mass post.  For example don’t post five blogs posts in a day.  Many people tend to  do this, especially in my English class since we have to meet a deadline for posts. You can always use the queue option to spread posts out.

Step four: Tag it up! (and also categorize it up!)


The reason why these search terms were redirected to my blog, was because they were similar to the tags that i used. Basically, the more you categorize and tag your posts the more views you get (TUMBLR 101).  All these views from searches are from my tags and categories.  However, please don’t go overboard with the tags.  Only tag and categorize things that are related.  Don’t be tagging an image of an apple #love #summer #yolo

Step five: You have friends (even I have at least one)… So go tell them about your amazing blog!

Look it all the views Facebook gave me from just sharing once! (This is an old screenshot and the views from facebook have gone up even more.

Look it all the views Facebook gave me from just sharing once! (This is an old screenshot and the views from facebook have gone up even more.

Because I started to like my blog, I didn’t want to share it with anyone.  As I started to like my blog more I also wanted to share it with my friends.  I posted a link to it on my facebook and it caused an influx of views.  My most views went from 12 to 166 and then my overall went from about a hundred to 500 in about three days. And then a few days ago, I changed my profile picture.  Whenever i change my profile picture, i utilize the amount of views and post whatever information i want out there.  I posted a link to my blog.  I had about fifty something views from that.




Amazing Comments on WordPress


Even better comments on Facebook

I love my friends on facebook

I love my friends on facebook

Views from other Countries

I was so excited when i got views from Hong Kong.  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I was so excited when i got views from Hong Kong. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Overall Increase of Views


9 thoughts on “How to love your blog: Five step plan

  1. To me this is what I hope to see on my students’ blogs. Not posts about blogging, but posts about thinking, about reflecting- meta-cognition will carry you far one day. When you apply honest reflection you can grow, when you SHARE honest reflection OTHERS can grow. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Mr. Theriault for the AWESOME comment. You always know how to make something so simple sound so amazing. I hope to write more posts like this that apply honest reflection. (sometimes it’s hard to do) And you’re welcome 🙂

  2. Terrific post with some solid tips! Love it!

    Step 3 is one that resonated with me. I have had a classroom blog since 2008. One thing I’ve noticed is that the interaction and views ebb and flow. It can be discouraging at times, but as you advise… keep it up, and your readership will build over time.

    I also tell my students that you have to give to get. If you want others to comment on your blog, get out there and leave some quality comments for others. 🙂

    Happy Blogging!

    • Thanks for the wonderful advice about leaving comments. It’s one thing that my teacher, Mr. Theriault, always tells us to do but it is the one thing i find the hardest. I often don’t know what to say other than “great post” or “I agree with you”. Hopefully in the future, my comments will be more like yours; full of quality and thought. As for your thoughts on step number three, I completely agree with you. Hopefully I am able to keep it up.

  3. I really enjoyed your blog post ! It helped me reflect on ways to keep my blog going. I, just like you have started to like my blog post; mainly because I’m blogging about what I love to talk about. WHen I write about things that I love, I can keep expressing my emotions and when I realize it, I am 1,000 words with my post. I get really excited when someone loves my post or even leaves a comments, because I know that at least that one person loved it. However, after reading this post I can say that not everything revolves around getting the post likes or the best comments, but simply loving your post and putting your best effort to each one! THank you ! (:

    • Thank you for this amazing comment! As for the lat part, I was afraid that it might be taken as comments, views, and likes are the only thing that matters. I was trying to say that loving your blog comes first and those things are an added bonus. If you have all of those things but you don’t love your blog then none of it matters. However, if you do love your blog, those things are a reassurance that someone else also enjoys your blog. I’m so glad that you have come to love your blog and that this post has helped you reflect on that. I look forward to reading some of your blog posts. 🙂

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