What an average teenage girl does on Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day, single-awareness day, i hate couples day, Murderous Winged Fat Baby Day, The Day 14 Guys Died, The Day Love Costs Money, The Day Victoria’s Secret Apparently Vomits Into the Streets, Little Kids’ Obligation Day, PDA Plague Day, Fatty Chocolate Day.  Whatever you call it, the holiday takes place on February Fourteenth.  This holiday as been met with mixed critical views ranging from “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER TO SHOW MY LOVE TO MY SIGNIFICANT OTHER” or “I HATE THIS HOLIDAY BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL BAD THAT I’M SINGLE.” However, I’m not going to talk about these viewpoints.  Instead i’m going to talk about the viewpoint of your viewpoint of an average teenager, specifically my viewpoint.


Valentine’s Day used to be my favorite holiday, especially in elementary school.  It was the one day, without fail, that there was going to be a party.  Also, I loved sending and receiving those cute boxed valentines and taking home a stashful of candy in your decorated-with-pink-paper-and-glitter-shoe-box.  However, when middle school came, we no longer had parties and everything Valentine’s day was something you did on your own. Keep in mind that Valentine’s day was still enjoyable for me.  Me and my friends still gave gifts to one another and it still was fun.  However, since there was no party at school, this holiday slipped past Halloween on my favorite holidays list.

Then high school hit. Now your expecting me to hate Valentine’s day now since i get the wonderful pleasure of watching other girls get flowers, chocolate, and kisses from their boyfriends.  Honestly, I’m not.  (Ok maybe i might be jealous that these girls have someone who will by them flowers but honestly I wouldn’t care for flowers on valentine’s day.  I mean their are better days to give me flowers for example the week of finals.  You know some motivation.) For me, Valentine’s Day isn’t a day for love in a couple sense.  For me, Valentine’s day is a day for friends eating chocolate, red velvet cupcakes, making cute heart themed crafts, watching romantic comedies, and having fun in general.  I mean it’s a holiday after all.  So, if you hate Valentine’s day due to all those couples in your life… DON’T.  Remember there’s another side to Valentine’s day.

So, to help you out, here’s what i’m doing on Valentine’s day.  These are all found on pinterest so if you want more ideas go there!







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