Life goal: Make yourself happy

Everyone wants to be happy. Well everyone I do does and if your goal isn’t to be happy then i’m sorry.  I did not mean to generalize the human race…

Anyways, many people have the goal of being happy in life but many can’t accomplish it and when you can’t accomplish your goal then you feel sad causing you to be even farther from your goal. Well how do you fix this? Change your goal to this: Make others happy.

Just think about it.  There’s one of you.  There are seven billion people in the world.  Logically, there’s a higher chance of making someone else happy since you have more chances (and this isn’t even considering the fact that you’re your biggest critic. Anyways, since your goal is to make people happy then you’ve accomplished it.  And when you accomplish your goals you’re happy. Correct? So by making others happy you’re making yourself happy which is easier than just making yourself happy directly.  So there you go #cheatsforlife.



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