“Oh, it’ll be just a moment”

Just a moment.

Life-isnt-a-matter-of-milestones-but-of-moments.Rose-Kennedy-quotesOur lives are comprised of a seemingly infinite amount of moments to a point where we don’t realize the importance of them.  I mean what’s a moment when you have so many left?

Well, in a single moment it could be all over.  All your hopes, dreams regrets: All gone.  In “just a moment” all of it gone. For some reason we take moments for granted- maybe it’s because we don’t know how many we have.  However, we should treasure them because we don’t know how many we have left.

Rest in peace Sean


2 thoughts on “Moments

  1. So true. That is why we started Because social media is trivializing our moments. When moments matter we should remember. You cannot post births, deaths and having a taco in the same manner.
    Condolences for your loss, and hopefully you think about adding them to our wall of human history we are starting.
    We also would like to create a global birth registry.
    great post

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