All in Context- Let it Go/ Let her Go

One of my favorite Mashups: Let It Go/ Let Her Go by Sam Tsui

First off, this may be one of my favorite mashups because it has two songs that I absolutely love: Let it Go (frozen) and Let her go (passenger).  Both songs have similar names but they come from different music genres as well as their meaning.

In Let it Go, it is sung by Elsa in the movie Frozen after she leaves the castle and is by herself on the mountain.  Her powers have been revealed and this is her only escape.  She takes off scared and lonely but she realizes that this is the first time in her life that she is truly free.  All her life, she was forced to suppress herself and shut herself out from all those she loved. She did this to protect those she loved but this caused her to put on a front that wasn’t herself. She had to behind a door of who she truly was.  She never was allowed to be herself and truly realize what her purpose was. Even though she is alone, she is able to “let it go” and accomplishes remarkable things when she pushes herself to her limit.  Only when she let’s her fears go is when she is finds out what she can truly do.  The theme of the song deals with that you can’t hide your true self forever.  In some way or another it will show, however, once you do, you’ll be able to reach your full potential.


In Let Her Go, it deals with not noticing things until they’re gone.  You take people for granted and sometimes it reaches a point where they can’t take it anymore.  People need attention and if you’re not paying attention or showing any form of appreciation then they’re going to leave.

Humans never know what we have until its gone.  Maybe that’s why death affects us so much.  When a person dies we seem to have so many regrets.  We’re filled with thoughts of “I should’ve done this, I should’ve said that” and so on.   Why do we feel these things? Why didn’t we do or say all of these things while they were alive? Maybe it’s because we felt like we didn’t have to or that we could always say it some other time. Anyways, we always regret when someone is gone and how do we stop that? Maybe we should try saying things everyday so that when they are gone we might feel sadness that they’re no longer with us but we will no longer feel regret.

When they’re mashed up, they take a whole new perspective.  At least in my opinion, I feel that they song says that you have to let her go and to generalize,  you have to get people.  It may be for their good or yours.  You may be holding them back from something greater.  They may want to go and do something (ex. Go away for a job) but they don’t want to leave you.  You know that they want to leave but they’re scared that you’ll be unhappy.  This would be a time where you would have to let them go because you know it makes them happy.  If you truly loved them then their happiness will make you happy.


Other times you’re the one being held back.  They might make you a different person (negatively) or they may be holding you back from experiencing new things.  They’re keeping you from experiencing new things and growing in your own way.  This may be your parents holding you back from going to a new college etc.


Sometimes, you have to let things go.  It may be arguments that are ruining your reletionships with someone.  Sometimes it’s best to just let it go then keep on fighting.  Lose the battle win the war.  Other times, you have to let go of some of the things you do.  This may be a job or a sport or something that doesn’t make you happy.  Sometimes you start to do something and you seem to like it but after a while it starts to drag on.  However you need it for college, money, etc.  However, is it truly worth your happiness? Is it keeping you from doing  other things that might be more beneficial?  It’s hard to draw the line when to stop doing something for your future if you do not like it.  I’m not saying to quit everything you don’t like but if it’s a drag that you’re only doing for something else than you should realy think about it.


These three songs have such similar titles but their meanings are all different.  They’re meanings are equally important but they are completely different.  One is telling you to let everything go, another is telling you that you take things for granted until you let them go, and another is saying that sometimes that you have to let things go. Even with similar words they’re meanings are different.

Even things with the same title could have different meanings; it just matters the context which is it in. Sometimes people underestimate the importance of context. (it’s the only way i get through SAT vocabulary)  Sometimes people analyze things but it’s out of context.  Yes that symbol might mean that but it doesn’t tie in with the story.  So context of words really matter.  With contexts, the connotation of the word can change.


Words mean nothing unless they’re in context.


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