Idea Farming: Failures


I failed but it’s ok.

Wow, I thought I would never every say that.  But as my innovation project slowly failed this year, I realized that I learned so much more from the failures than I would have ever if it worked. Let me give you some back up information.  Anyways, my project was started when my English teacher presented us with a new way of learning about our community and improving it. He had told us to find something about the community, anything at all, that we would like to see an improvement in. As it was the first year of rigorous school work, a friend and I decided that we would like to see the school’s community focus on students that are too busy after school to attend the “homework club” that the school offers. There is a surprising amount of students in sports, clubs, or other after school activities that just simply don’t have the time to attend an after school study session; and this is where we figured a way to solve this problem.

Google+ has slowly been implemented into our school. From group projects being presented through Google Docs, and simply just communicating with other classmates through Google Hangouts. As a result of using this semi-new social media page, we decided to make an online homework club on Google+.

I mean this was a foolproof plan right?  What could possibly go wrong? We were basically using  Google+ (which is fairly easy to use) and there are many people who need help but cannot attend homework club.  Well that’s what seemed to be the case.  We got a lot of people to join but then it started to go downhill….

You see, we got people to join and like our page, but we weren’t able to form a community that was comfortable with asking others for help.  At the beginning of the year these “communities” were created on facebook where there groups for every class. Even though facebook has a numerous amount of problems, people used it because they were already implemented.  People were used to it and people don’t like change.

Another blow to our project was the school started a tutoring program at school.  The student tutors got extra credit and service hours and the other students were able to work around their busy schedules.

So that’s basically where the story ends.

But wait!!

Let’s talk about my overall reflection of this project. Overall, it was one of those things that was a great idea on paper but not so much in reality. There was too much competition and not a good enough community.  I was honestly very excited about this project in hopes of what it could project in the futures.  Yes it did fail but on that note I have started another project that I came up with the idea of mistakes.  Check it out here

It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.


One thought on “Idea Farming: Failures

  1. Good for you, learning from failures 🙂
    I’m so glad to see you’ve taken such a positive outlook on something gone sour.

    Write on, my friend~

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